• Peter previously became a shill for the D.C. tobacco lobbyists in "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington".
  • Joan had previously found a carton of cigarettes in Peter's bellybutton while working as his maid in "I Take Thee Quagmire", and Peter previously smoked during a cutaway break in "Back to the Pilot" and in a second cutaway gag in "Family Goy".
  • A cutaway gag depicts an owl responding to Abbott & Costello's signature comedy bit "Who's on First" by asking "Who?" to every question poised by Lou Costello.
  • Peter says to have watched every single YouTube video, and that there is not a bad one on the site.
  • Lois quickly accepts Dr. Hartman's offer to go away in exchange for the narcotic drug Vicodin. She also proposes getting a couple of bottles of wine after visiting the stop smoking clinic.
  • In a cutaway gag, an elderly Stewie considers Katy Perry and Justin Bieber "real music."
  • Peter Dinklage is credited as the voice of Mr. Stone in "Secondhand Spoke" in the official FOX press release.[1] However, he is not included in the on screen credits in the role which is performed by John Viener. The DVD commentary for "Christmas Guy" mentions that a big-name actor was replaced this season after reading the role when it was felt it didn't work out.

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