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Sheriff Nichols is a corrupt Georgia law enforcement officer who falsely frames Peter and the guys for drug possession and arranges for them to be sent to prison in "Cool Hand Peter".

Tired of the domestic life, Peter and the guys take a stand against their wives and take a road trip to the Deep South to New Orleans. On the way there, the men run into Sheriff Nichols. Sheriff Nichols intentionally breaks one of the headlights and turn signals, as well as throwing Joe's police badge off the street after learning that Joe himself is a cop and planting a bag of marijuana in the trunk and send the guys on a one-way ticket to jail where they find themselves working even harder than at home. When they find their original two-week sentence extended to thirty days and potentially longer, they decide to make a run for it. Joe's quick planning in forcing the guards to look away and Peter's seductive ways to fool the sheriff into thinking his non-existent wife is home help them escape. The guys hop a freight train back to Quahog where the sheriff and his men are waiting for them. However, Joe had placed a call to his friends on the Quahog police department along the way during a lunch stop and they surround Sheriff Nichols and his deputies. Joe dishes out a little punishment of his own and after giving him a lecture about abusing his power, shoots Sheriff Nichols in the leg before ordering him out of town.

Nichols is voiced by Ralph Garman.