• Stewie’s sperm brother, Bertram, from “Emission Impossible,” is finally born and returns in this episode. Stewie refers to the events of the previous episode as “our microscopic encounter.”
  • The Barbershop Quartet from “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire” also returns singing “Vasectomy”.
  • Peter discovers he has a fat fetish after inadvertently having sex with the fat Lois. Historically, he has been against fat women, as indicated in “Chitty Chitty Death Bang”, where one of Peter’s T-shirts reads, “No Fat Chicks.” Also in “A Fish out of Water”, Peter rejects Quagmire’s idea to whore himself out to fat chicks in order to pay off the loan for the boat, and in “The Fat Guy Strangler”, Peter’s “Fat Pride” group’s sign read, “No Fat Chicks.”
  • The barbershop quartet mentions Peter’s sexual harassment charges from “I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar”.
  • Peter says Lois’ “elbow cleavage” resembles a 'schwa', which is a letter used in phonics with the shape Ə.
  • Meg’s gym teacher returns.
  • For their sexual role-playing, Peter uses the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. While Lois claims to be a private schoolgirl who needs to be spanked, he claims he is a Paladin with 18 charisma and 97 hit points who has a Helm of Disintegration and does 1d4 (one roll of a four-sided die) damage as his half-elf mage wields his +5 Holy Avenger.
  • Sauron, the villain from The Lord of the Rings is shown as the Eye of Sauron in a scene where he is trying to find his lost contact lens.
  • Sylvester Stallone and Tony Danza star in a movie 'What?' commenting on being unable to understand them.
  • Scrat from the film Ice Age is shown trying to take a nut out of a side of a glacier, and Peter tells him off for trying to steal his nuts. Apart from Peter, the scene was animated in 3D, and Chris Wedge reprized his role as Scrat from the original movies. The episode originally aired the week before Ice Age: The Meltdown opened. FOX aired promotions for the movie throughout the evening.
  • Near the end of the episode, Stewie is shown digging a hole together with Christopher Moltisanti from the series The Sopranos.
  • Stewie tells the other children to press the cow with a bow tie to fire missiles. Yet, his ship is set so that when he himself fires, he presses the button on his joystick and not the cow.
  • When Stewie first sees Bertram, he identifies him by name. However, in “Emission Impossible”, Bertram was not named, as he had not been born yet.
  • The DVD version has an extra scene where Peter challenges Lois to a funny car race to Fenway Park in Boston where the loser gets a vasectomy. Peter almost makes it, but gets distracted by a duck boat ride and goes there instead of to Fenway. When he arrives and finds Lois at Fenway Park, he says, “Well, it looks like I’m a man with no sperm. But I’ll always be a man with no sperm who once had a wonderful day.”

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