Sing What We See
From the episode: This Little Piggy
Singers: The Quahog Baptist Choir, Stewie, Brian
Voices: Kevin Michael Richardson, Seth MacFarlane, Chorus

"Sing What We See" is sung during a cutaway in "This Little Piggy" when Stewie recalls a previous retreat with Brian and The Quahog Baptist Choir. In the song, the choir members sing about what they see out the bus windows. Stewie gets into the spirit of things, but Brian is caught flat-footed and ruins the mood.


Director: Why don't we show our visitors how we sing what we see, uh...

Sing what we see, sing what we see

Brother Roscoe, what do you see?

Brother Roscoe: Oh, I see Howard Johnsons billboard

Choir: Sing what ya see

Female voice: uh, huh...

An old red barn that needs a paint job

Choir: Sing what ya see

Second female: Oh, yeah...

Stewie A boy in a truck too young to drive

Choir: Sing what ya see

Stewie: Brian!...

Brian: Oh, uhhh,

All: Awww...

Male voice: Come, on...

Director: [annoyed] Let's just see what we see and keep it to ourselves.