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Six Flags Columbus is a fictional amusement park in Columbus, OH that the Griffins travel to in "Amish Guy" when Peter Griffin wants to ride a new roller coaster called "The Holocaust". Although concerned that his weight may keep him from riding, Peter manages to get on board the roller coaster by wearing a girdle. However, his weight causes the coaster to roll back down the lift hill and crash, killing or injuring bystanders and riders.


  • Located to the North of the city, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium does feature the only permanent roller coaster in central Ohio, the 1956 PTC coaster now called the Sea Dragon. [1] Recognized by the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) as a classic coaster [2], it is one of the very few surviving roller coasters still operated with hand brakes.
  • The area of the Columbus Zoo the Sea Dragon is located on was once named Wyandot Lake which was last owned by Six Flags America. [3]

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