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Six Pence of Coal
Six Pence
From the episode: Stew-Roids
Singers: Folk Singer
Voices: Unknown

"Six Pence of Coal" is a folk song performed in a deleted scene from  "Stew-Roids". In the scene, Peter Griffin tries to make his infant son Stewie a man by showing him how much real men hate folk songs. He does so by teaching him how to heckle a folk singer at a concert. They do this while he sings this song, explaining how much coal he would give for certain items.


Peter: Alright Stewie, real men hate folk music and we'll always heckle it.

Folk Singer: I'll take six pence of coal for two pence of loyalty

Six pence of coal for two pence of loyalty

Six pence of coal for two pence of loyalty

All the live long day

Peter: This is stupid!

Stewie: Your lessons aren't relevant to our generation!

Peter: Go home to your Carol Kane-looking wife!

Folk Singer: But if you've got three pence of good wine and honey

Then I'll give you four pence of peaches and paint

Stewie: Everything old sucks!

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