Slightly Out of Tune (Desafinado)
Family Guy - Live In Las Vegas
From the episode: Family Guy: Live in Vegas
Singers: Brian Griffin
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"Desafinado", rendered into English usually as "Slightly out of Tune", but occasionally as "Off Key". is a bossa nova song composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim with lyrics by Newton Mendonça. The English language lyrics were written by Jon Hendricks and Jessie Cavanaugh.

On track 12 from Family Guy: Live in Vegas, it was performed by Brian Griffin.


Brian: ♪When I try to sing, you say I'm off-key.♪

♪Why can't you see how much this hurts me.♪

♪With your perfect beauty and your perfect pitch.♪

♪You're a perfect angel.♪

♪When I come around, must you always put me down.♪

♪If you say my singing is off-key, my love.♪

♪You will hurt my feelings, don't you see, my love.♪

♪I wish I had an ear like yours, a voice that would behave.♪

♪All I have is feeling and a voice God gave.♪

♪You insist my music goes against the rules.♪

♪Yes, but rules were never made for lovesick fools.♪

♪I wrote this little song for you, but you don't care.♪

♪It's a crooked song, ah, but all my heart is there.♪

♪The thing that you would see if you would do your part.♪

♪Is even if I'm out of tune, I have a gentle heart.♪

♪I took your picture with my trusty Rolleiflex.♪

♪And now all I have developed is a complex.♪

♪Possibly in vain, I hope you weaken, oh my love.♪

♪And forget those rigid rules that undermine my dream of.♪

♪A life of love and music with someone who'll understand.♪

♪That even though I may be out of tune,♪

♪When I attempt to say how much I love you.♪

♪All that matters is the message that I bring♪

♪Which is my dear one I love you.♪


Lois: Oh, that was lovely, Brian.

Brian: Oh, great. Thanks.

Was it... uh... was it lovely enough for you to-

Lois: No, I will not make out with you.

Brian: Got it. Won't ask again.

Herbert: Well, hey there, muscley-arm.

Chris: Oh, hi, Mr. Herbert

Lois: Oh, Herbert... How nice to see you.

Herbert: I ain't talkin' to you, hussy.

Hey, Chris. Brought you some candy corns.

Chris: Wow, thanks.

Herbert: You know, when you walk by my house everyday on your way to catch the school bus, it just makes me wanna sing. So I'm gonna sing you a little song, Chris.

Chris: Cool!