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  • Han/Peter cuts open the taun taun to keep Luke/Chris warm, however when it cuts scene he's in a small hole that Han made and the taun taun is no where to be found.
  • Han/Peter decided to park in a handicap cave with a handicap sign on the ground beside it. When they were heading into the cave, the handicap sign is gone.
  • When Han is placed in the carbonite chamber his hands are tied. When he is removed, they are freed.
  • When escaping from Hoth, only Leia, Han and Chewie are seen entering the cockpit of the Falcon but after Han says “punch it”, C3PO is suddenly sitting behind Chewie.
  • When Luke has the vision of his friends in trouble he throws on his orange pilot's jacket and climbs the ladder to the X-Wing, he is still wearing his dirty Dagobah pants but when he asks Yoda why he doesn't fight Vader, he is wearing his orange pilot's pants.
  • Vader switches positions from when he's telling Luke about running the galaxy as two dudes and when Luke falls from the tower.
  • The repairman who finds Luke's hand is standing by an open hatch and his toolbox but after he tells Luke “Nope”, the hatch and toolbox have vanished.
  • When the camera pans over to Carl/Yoda when he says "Hey who are you?", his mouth is not moving with the speech.
  • When Dak takes off in the Snowspeeder, he is in the gunner's seat, but when he is in space, he is in the pilot's seat.
  • When Han/Peter leads the rest of the gang out of the cave and back into the ship, the door closes after Leia/Lois enters. However when C3PO walks in the door is open.

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