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Peter: If this is what it takes to get out of Florida, fine.

[Peter is in bed watching TV]
Announcer: We now return to Breaking Bad.
[A hypnosis sound effect is heard putting Peter in a trance as his eyes get big]
Voice: You will recommend Breaking Bad to everyone you know.
Peter: I will recommend Breaking Bad to everyone I know.
Voice: Breaking Bad is the best show you've ever seen, except maybe The Wire.
Peter: Breaking Bad is the best show I've ever seen, except maybe The Wire.
Voice: You will never stop talking about Breaking Bad or The Wire.
Peter: I will never stop talking about Breaking Bad or The Wire.

Peter: Hey, what's that in there?
Guide: That's a sensory deprivation room that prepares our astronauts for the terrifying emptiness of space.
Peter: Aw cool! Hey c'mon Brian, try it with me. [both enter. Guide closes door]
Peter/Brian: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! [both exit with heads in opposite bodies]
Peter: Things got crazy so fast!

Peter: We were talkin about Meg. We call her Chris so she doesn't know.
Meg: [off-camera] Fuck you!
Peter: Shut up Chris!

Peter: A week ago we call him stupid and now he's given tours at a space shuttle. Negative reinforcement, that's the key. [kicks Stewie] Right, stupid?
Stewie: Ow! I'll do better!

Lois: Everyone strap yourselves in! Stewie, hold my hand!
Stewie: No thank you, I prefer to die giving you the finger.

Meg: [Touring the shuttle with Chris] So, do you know how all of this stuff works?
Chris: Well, I don't know what most of these buttons do, but I know this big red one is the one you press to launch.
Stewie: Ooo! Big red button!

Brian: You know what? You only live once. I am sticking my head out the window. [he does] YES! THIS IS THE BEST VERSION OF WHATEVER'S SO ENJOYABLE ABOUT THIS!

Brian: We're slowing down. That's a good sign.
Peter: You know what's not slowing down? Breaking Bad. Haven't seen anything like it since The Wire.
Stewie: God, he never shuts up about those shows.

Brian: What are you doing?
Chris: Saving our lives.
Peter: I wish he hadn't said that. Now I'm kinda rooting against him.

Stewie: Sounds like someone got her vibrator working again.

Chris: Stop making fun of me! I just wanted to listen to you guys having sex, but you were saying mean things about me!

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