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Steam Heat
Steam heat
From the episode: Mind Over Murder
Singers: Lois Griffin
Voices: Alex Borstein

"Steam Heat" is a show tune from the 1954 musical The Pajama Game, written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. The best-known recording was done by Patti Page.

The song was performed by Lois Griffin in her husband's bar, Ye Old Pube, in the episode "Mind Over Murder".


Lois: Bye bye Stewie. Mommy will be upstairs to kiss you goodnight.

Stewie Burn in hell!

Lois: Hell? Hell has fire. And you know what else?

It's got fsssss steam heat

I got fsssss steam heat

I got fsssss steam heat

But I need your love to keep away the cold

I got..

(Lois is interrupted as the other wives arrive)

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