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  • This is the first time Meg says "fuck" in the series.
  • It is revealed that Joe's son, Kevin Swanson has been killed in Iraq, although it turns out he was Missing in Action and returns in "Thanksgiving".
  • Peter breaks the fourth wall when he says "What are you lookin' at? It's a cartoon!"
  • The cutaway Distracting Trumpet eventually starts to play the song "Feels So Good" by Chuck Mangione.
  • It has been hinted on numerous occasions, particularly at the end of "Sibling Rivalry", that Meg has emotional problems and responds by cutting herself, but in this episode, we actually see her scars. Apparently, there is one for every prank that Connie has played on her, and Meg remembers what pranks go with which scars.
  • Meg mentions that she and Connie have been classmates since at least 2nd grade.
  • Peter claims that Susie Swanson is a lesbian because she has a short haircut, stubby legs and doesn't respond to his advances.
  • Lois' bisexuality is presented when she appears aroused while rubbing sunscreen on Bonnie.
  • Meg is also hinted as being a lesbian or bisexual, when she asks Connie if she can think about her in the tub later, somewhat contradicting her faux-lesbianism in "Brian Sings and Swings".
  • Lois does not seem to know who Connie DiMico is but in "And the Wiener is..." she helps Meg plot revenge against her.
  • Peter comes on to Connie, and both seem unaware that he dated Connie as Lando Griffin in "Let's Go to the Hop". When Peter dated Connie, her dad was there when Peter went for Connie to go to the dance. Yet in this episode she said her dad passed away 4 years previously.
  • The cop that pulled over Santa mentioned that they don't make Plymouths anymore. While this is true, many people still drive and own Plymouths.
  • Chris' reenactment of Buffalo Bill's famous scene from The Silence of the Lambs is an inside joke from the writers; The voice Seth Green uses for Chris was originally his impression of Ted Levine, the actor who played Buffalo Bill.
  • Peter and Stewie watch Spike TV which bills itself as a channel for men.
  • As of this episode, all of the Griffin men have achieved popularity at James Woods Regional High School and have dated the school's popular girl, Connie DiMico. Peter, under the guise of Lando Griffin, had done so in "Let's Go to the Hop", and Stewie under the guise of Zack Sawyer in "McStroke". Chris, however is the only one to maintain his identity after his makeover.
  • Just before Stewie notices the steroids have worn off, he begins to mention The Guns of Navarone, which is a novel and film about two massive World War II cannons.
  • Stewie curses Johnson and Johnson, one of the major producers of children's hygiene products, and makes a shampoo called "No More Tears" with the claim that it will not hurt a baby's eyes.
  • Brian claims Stewie looks like Lou Ferrigno's poop. Ferrigno was a bodybuilder and on the live action tv show The Incredible Hulk
  • When Meg is crying upstairs while Chris has his party going on downstairs Lois gives her a bottle of Ambien, a sleeping pill with a reputation of strong side effects, and a Sylvia Plath book. Sylvia Plath was a depression era novelist/poet who committed suicide and wrote significantly depressing works.
  • Brian and Lois watch Lady and the Tramp and Michael Vick. Vick was a sports star convicted for torturing dogs to make them fight.[1]