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  • This episode's plot involves Stewie learning how to swim. In "Peter's Got Woods", he plays Marco Polo with Helen Keller. While showing hesitation in "He's Too Sexy for His Fat", he quickly grows to like being in the pool.
  • Tom Tucker uses controversy involving Griffin's infant son and dog to get him fired, but Tucker was not fired when his own son Jake Tucker had been busted for drug possession in "North by North Quahog", coincidentally planted by Brian and Stewie.
  • The episode shows a scene from The Prince of Tides where they censor Barbra Streisand’s nose because the new video store is against non-Christians.
  • Peter once hosted Family Feud.
  • Someone mistakes Peter for Michael Moore.
  • A scene shows Stewie and Casper playing ball and as Stewie throws it into the street and Casper fetches it, he gets run over by a car and then says he doesn’t care because he was going to off himself on Tuesday.
  • A scene while Stewie is talking to Brian shows Stewie singing “I Have Confidence in Me” as Maria von Trapp from The Sound of Music.
  • A scene shows Elmer Fudd hunting, shooting, and graphically killing Bugs Bunny, which Brian labels as “disturbing.”
  • While Peter is ranting on the news he mentions that he can’t find the droids he’s looking for, then shows Imperial Stormtroopers agreeing with him.
  • Peter once provided nighttime heat for Lara Flynn Boyle using his stomach fat.
  • This is the second episode Stewie gets drunk after "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows".
  • At the Drunken Clam, Stewie sings “Suicide Is Painless", the theme song from M*A*S*H.
  • Tom Tucker quotes Foghorn Leghorn verbatim with his unsuccessful attempt at a joke about eyeballs.
  • Stewie wakes up from his hangover with a towel with the initials "R.M." on it. He doesn't remember what he did the night before, but somehow Roger Moore got his phone number and calls him then immediately hangs up.
The things that grind Peter’s gears are:
    • The part of the Bible that says you can’t watch pornography.
    • The sheer length of the Bible.
    • How people haven’t made a “Priest and a Rabbi” joke in years.
    • Lindsay Lohan, and women not wanting to have sex.
    • How he can’t find the droids he’s looking for. Stormtroopers are shown watching the program and agreeing with him.
    • That bread is square and bologna is round.
    • Parents who let their kids do whatever they want.
    • Being interrupted.
    • X-ray glasses from comics that don’t work.
    • People in the 19th century.
    • America, which results in Peter saying “Fuck you!”
The following items from the first third of Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story were not in the TV version of this episode:
    • The special opening credits are replaced by the standard theme song.
    • The red carpet premiere featured at the beginning of the DVD.
    • The first few gags at the swimming pool were cut such as Lois telling Chris how she went pro-choice after her pregnancy with Meg cost her the chance to be in the Olympics, Peter and Meg getting injured while trying to push Brian in the pool, and Quagmire and an unknown woman leaving a pump cabin after having oral sex inside [hence Quagmire’s “I guess I won’t be swimming for an hour” comment], going straight to Peter trying to get Stewie to swim.
    • Lois telling Peter that he never should have been replaced by John Goodman on Roseanne and the cutaway where Peter plays Dan in a scene from Roseanne.
    • Stewie finishing shaving his “coin purse” and remarking that it bares an odd resemblance to Michael Chiklis. The ensuing episode of The Shield with Chiklis and “Det. Scrotes”, Stewie’s testicles, is also absent.
    • Stewie saying grace at the dinner table and Peter bringing up his great aunt Ella Fitzgerald Griffin and the cutaway where Ella Fitzgerald Griffin blinds Ray Charles while singing.
    • The scene where Stewie and Brian play Pac-Man in the Drunken Clam and arguing over getting the fruit that’s near the ghost is cut on the censored version.
    • When Peter is describing a porn film to the worker at Lackluster Video, the phrase “stuff comes out” is cut.
    • The scene where Stewie is naked and has “Property of Roger Moore” tattooed on his chest after his night out with Brian is replaced by Stewie wearing pajamas and finding a handkerchief with Roger Moore’s initials stitched on it.
    • The cutaway where Gandi performs stand-up comedy replaces the line “And the black people are all like ‘Hey bitch’...” with “And the Americans are all like ‘Hey bitch’...
  • According to Seth MacFarlane on the DVD commentary, the original name of this episode was going to be "Queer as Stewie" which involved Stewie coming out of the closet instead of starting to act good.
  • In Hell, Stewie meets Steve Allen and thought he was going to have sex with him but really just wanted Stewie to fix his collar. After Stewie comes back to life, Steve Allen tries to watch TV in Hell, but the only show that is on is Who’s the Boss?. According to the DVD commentary, the theme from Friends was supposed to be used when Steve Allen is channel surfing in Hell, but Seth MacFarlane couldn’t get the rights to it.

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