• Stewie previously drove Quagmire's Winnegago in "Bango Was His Name Oh".
  • Stewie says he should be on Glee, making this the second Seth MacFarlane show after The Cleveland Show to mention the show.
  • Another The Price is Right parody is shown in this episode. Yet the music in the background is reminiscent of that of Family Feud.
  • Stewie listens to Weenie and the Butt from "Mother Tucker".
  • The music in the Shoe & Shoelace cartoon when Stewie fantasizes about being sent to Siberia is reminiscent of that of the former National Anthem of the U.S.S.R.
  • Stewie's car seat that Rupert is strapped in to is facing the wrong way, a mistake repeated in previous episodes such as "Baby Not On Board".
  • The running gag of Brian's failed writing career is revisited as he is seen writing a new novel with an equally ludicrous storyline like Faster Than the Speed of Love.
  • The mother of Gavin is Mrs. Janetti, who shares a last name with this episode's writer, Gary Janetti.
  • Meg and Chris appear in one cutaway gag and scream, but have no other speaking lines.
  • Bob Barker is mentioned in when Peter is annoyed by a dog with two different colored eyes and appears to have an erection.
  • Justin Bieber's song "Baby" is mentioned with rapper Ludacris.
  • Lois reads about Snooki dying in Star magazine.
  • When Stewie says "at least I'm not getting stabbed by some random guy on the street," it starts raining, but the opposite does happen in "Brian Writes a Bestseller". He then gets stabbed.
  • The song Stewie sings along with in the car is "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood.

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