• The title is a reference to the episode of I Love Lucy titled "Lucy Is Enceinte" in which she revealed she was pregnant. Due to the broadcast standards of the time frowning on the word "pregnant," the Spanish word "enceinte" was used instead in a nod to Ricky Ricardo's heritage.[1]
  • The Buster Keaton cutaway is based on a scene from his film Steamboat Bill Jr. in which a real house front was dropped over the actor.
  • Stewie threatens to burn Brian in his bed after he is hit by him while trying to induce a miscarriage, alluding to the TV movie The Burning Bed in which a woman in an abusive relationship sets fire to her husband's bed while he slept.
  • The dancing frog that attracts the attention of the monkeys is a reference to the film The Accused in which Jodie Foster's Sarah Tobias attracts unwelcome attention while dancing and is raped.
  • The blue child-like figure that appears in Peter's video is from the horror film The Grudge.
  • Two of Stewie & Brian's Children are named Jack and Rose, suggesting that they are named after the main characters of Titanic.

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