• This is the second episode centered around Stewie loving one of his parents, the first being “The Courtship of Stewie's Father”.
  • Meg has one line and Chris has three in this episode.
  • Someone other than Chris sees the Evil Monkey although Peter mistook him for Meg.
  • Stewie and Peter both speak Spanish at different times in the show. Stewie says to Brian “Te mato perro feo. ¿Me entiendes estúpido? ¡Tu eres un imbecil, te odio!” (“I am going to kill you, ugly dog. Do you understand me, stupid? You are an imbecile, I hate you!”), and Peter answers “¡Ocupado!” (“Busy!”) when Chris knocks on the bathroom door. Stewie’s explanation for his speaking Spanish is that he fell asleep during Sábado Gigante, a popular Spanish-language variety television show.
  • Stewie testifies against Michael Jackson, a reference to the People v. Jackson 2005 molestation trial against him
  • Lois seems to initially reference Andrea Yates as a parallel to herself, then changes it to imply that Barbara Bush gave George W. Bush brain damage by holding him under water as a child.
  • The uncensored version has the last part of the “Mr. Nipple” scene where Peter, while half-asleep, uses his finger to probe around Stewie’s mouth, mistaking it for Lois’s vagina. The censored version cuts off when Peter mistakes Stewie’s nose for Lois’s nipple.
  • While FOX shortened the Mr. Nipple scene, syndicated airings take it one step further and delete the whole scene, including Lois waking up to Stewie's new loving attitude.
  • After Chris asks if someone is in the bathroom, while Peter is cutting his hair off, and Peter says "¡Ocupado"! The censored version cuts out "Filthy whore!".
  • The family is watching a fictional TV show called Robin: Boy Wonder, in which Robin looks like Burt Ward’s portrayal of the character in the 1960's version of the Batman show. In the episode in question, four girls are in a car which is balancing dangerously on the edge of a ravine. When Robin arrives to save them, the girls express a certain doubt in Robin’s ability to save them, since he has no actual superpowers. Robin then produces a cell phone, but is unable to call for help since he has no reception.
  • Peter claims that Frampton Comes Alive! was “a monster.” Peter Frampton saved Peter’s marriage by playing for Lois at their anniversary in the episode “Death Lives”.
  • In the flashback of Peter’s passing of his exam, the song "I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man)" by Kenny Loggins is played.
  • Kermit the Frog is shown to be racist in this episode, in a flashback taken from the opening of The Muppet Movie. When an African-American asks for directions to town, Kermit replies “Yeah! It’s back the way you came!” after which he pulls out a shotgun and cocks it.
  • Stewie describes Lois as a female Bonnie Hunt.
  • The eponymous characters from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde become Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Sulu in a cutaway scene. During the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Sulu segment, Mr. Sulu says “Hello” in a suggestive tone and eyes a man passing by; this is a nod to George Takei’s real life homosexuality. At the time the episode aired, Takei had recently come out as gay.
  • When Seamus the old pirate is showing Peter the random posters from his wooden arm, the last picture is of Primus. Other posters on his arm include one of Middle-Earth, and a “Hang in There” cat poster.
  • When Brian turns on the TV and changes the channels, Peter sees the title card of Freddy Got Fingered, the scene from E.T. where the title character's finger sticks out and a light shines through his finger and says "ooouuuuuccchhhhh....", and the logo for the Yellow Pages, with the slogan "Let your fingers do the walking."

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