• During the flashback of Peter’s “rape,” he is thrown on a pinball machine. This is a reference to the rape scene in the film The Accused. Also, the scene in which Peter is pushed onto the grass and a carnival is taking place behind Dr. Hartman is a reference to the film Dr. Giggles. There is also a American History X reference when Hartman spanks and is about to penetrate Peter, and the low frequency droning sound in the background is a reference to Gaspar Noe’s Irréversible, another film notable for its rape content.
  • After Lois ignores Stewie’s pretended overdose of medication, Stewie asks if this is a “Tommy Lee pool party” referring to the 2001 drowning death of four-year-old Daniel Karven-Veres at Tommy Lee’s Malibu home during a birthday party for his son.
  • Native American What's Happening!! parodies the show What's Happening!!.
  • The end credits are an animated replication of the All in the Family end credits shot sequence, complete with the use of the actual All in the Family closing theme and scrolling credits in the show’s font. Note that the opening sequence of the show, when Lois and Peter play the piano, are also similar to the opening credits of All in the Family.

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