Cleveland PILOTSTILL-0046F

Stoolbend is the town that Cleveland Brown and his son Cleveland Jr. moved to, where they formed a family with Donna, Roberta, and Rallo Tubbs after they left Quahog for the spin-off, The Cleveland Show. Tim, Arianna, Lester and Holt also live there.

The town appeared in "Spies Reminiscent of Us" when the bomb fuselage crashed into Cleveland's new house repeating Cleveland's Bathtub Gag. In "The Splendid Source" when Peter, Joe and Quagmire went on their journey to find the source of the world's dirtiest joke, they wound up at The Broken Stool, reunited with Cleveland, had dinner with his family, and brought him along. They also visited for the weddings of Cleveland and his parents. Characters like Chris Griffin, Herbert, and Bruce have also made unexpected visits.