• As Quagmire would claim later that he's 61 in present time, and in seen in the nursing home in this episode, he would be 91 years old and still living.
  • While listing things making him glad, Stewie pronounces the word "pinwheel" as "pinhwheel" as a predecessor to the same error in "Barely Legal".
  • Art Metrano sued Family Guy for the parody of his "magic" routine depicted in this episode.
  • Walt Disney is awakened from his cryogenic sleep and he asks if the Jews are gone, then asks to be put back when the cryogenics engineer says no. This is a reference to his supposed anti-Semitism which was promoted in the book Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince.
  • Parade Magazine is mentioned when Stu shows Stewie a clipping of a cartoon he cut out of the magazine and stuck behind his counter at Circuit Shack.
  • The cartoon clipping from Parade Magazine is from The Lockhorns, a William Carrell one-panel cartoon series where the two primary characters are married despite bitterly hating each other.
  • Future Stewie asks past Stewie if there has been a successful vehicle for Ellen Cleghorne. Ellen Cleghorne was a popular black female castmember on the NBC sketch show, Saturday Night Live in the 1990s, who hasn’t been in anything of importance since she left SNL in 1995.
The following items from the last third of Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story were not in the broadcast version of this episode:
    • The alternate opening that parodies the opening scene on the FOX thriller 24.
    • Stu showing Stewie his prom photo.
    • Vanessa’s dialog is changed to censor obscenities.
    • Chris, as a police officer, pressing charges on his mom, then demanding to get a cookie if he won’t turn his mom in. He then receives the cookie, and Vanessa makes a remark about it.
    • Vanessa’s line about Stewie, “Screw him! That fuckin’ kid’s from Guam!” was shortened to “That kid’s from Guam!”
    • Peter and Lois watching Law & Order P.C.A.M.P.I.E.O.F.T.D: Petty Crimes Against Municipal Property in Excess of Five Thousand Dollars.
    • Stewie remarking that Stu being fired is “almost as bad as when Peter got fired as the first director of Terms of Endearment,” and the cutaway where Peter zooms in on Debra Winger's chest as she’s telling her children that she doesn’t have long to live.
    • Fran's line "I'm putting in my diaphragm" when she's prepping for sex with Stuart was changed to "I'm getting my diaphragm".
    • Stewie's line "put your phall-us in her vag-ina" when he's coaching his future self on how to have sex was changed to "put your pen-is in her vag-ina".
    • Peter watching Britney Spears’ disastrous comeback concert.
    • Peter recalling the time he was stranded on a desert island with Bono.
    • Stewie remembering when Peter got Lois a Galaga arcade cabinet for Christmas.
    • Tom and Diane giving news in the retirement home.
    • Lois requesting of Stewie that, on his way back to the past, he “make sure Chris never marries that bitch Vanessa” and that she never end up in a retirement home, to which Stewie replies by laughing maniacally.
    • Stewie crashing Chris and Vanessa’s wedding and killing Vanessa with his bazooka.
    • The ending scene was shortened. The scene ends with Meg meeting a boy who’s talking to her about football. The boy introduces himself as “Ron,” to which Meg replies, “I’ve always liked that name...Ron...”
    • The wrap party at the end of the movie.

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