• It is revealed that Jennifer Love Hewitt is Mort Goldman's niece.
  • In a flashback, the Griffins see a movie starring British actor Hugh Grant who is often typecast as a “charmingly befuddled” romantic lead.
  • The song Quagmire hums after realizing everyone can hear his thoughts is the first three measures of the second strain of a march called “National Emblem” by E.E. Bagley.
  • Peter visits adult versions of Peppermint Patty and Marcie from the comic strip Peanuts, who have been interpreted as being lesbians, despite the Peanuts stood for Christian values.
  • Glenn Quagmire often orders a “Roofie Colada” for his dates. This is a play on the alcoholic drink, Piña Colada, but contains the modern pharmaceutical Rohypnol colloquially known as the date rape drug “roofie.”
  • A flashback shows Peter at a discothèque smashing a disco ball, which he mistook for a piñata.
  • In one of Peter’s flashbacks, three of the ghosts from Pac-Man, Blinky, Clyde, and Funky from Pac-Mania, visit Pac-Man to cheer him up after Ms. Pac-Man had to break up with him in a similar way Peter has to break up with Lois in the present time. The ghosts attempt to cheer him up by allowing Pac-Man to eat them. Getting no response, the ghosts give up and go visit Q*bert.
  • In the scene where Peter hires a hooker and Lois calls him to the other room, it's shown a room that is supposed to be Lois' piano room, with a fireplace that was only previously seen in "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas".
  • There is a scene which was not broadcast on the FOX version, but shown on the uncensored versions of Peter agreeing to go with the guys in the police van, and Cleveland being assaulted and framed by the automatic police systems.
  • There is a flashback in this episode of Stewie, with a rounded, normal-shaped head, jumping on the bed and getting his head squashed by the ceiling into a football-shaped head. This contradicts a flashback in “Chitty Chitty Death Bang,” in which Stewie is seen being born with his unusual-shaped head.

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