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Suddenly Seymour
From the episode: "Brian's Play"
Singers: Seymour, Audrey
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"Suddenly Seymour" is performed in the musical Little Shop of Horrors when Audrey and Seymour discover they are in love with each other.

In "Brian's Play", Peter recalls having been in theater when he was in school. Although in a flashback, he is shown to be less than a stellar performer.


Audrey: Suddenly Seymour

Seymour: Suddenly Seymour

Audrey: He purified me

Seymour: He purified you

Audrey: Suddenly Seymour

Seymour: Suddenly Seymour

Peter: [Enters crying] Mrs. Andrews? I pooped in the pot again. I'm going to need someone to clean me up. Its really bad this time.

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