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Sujin is a former lover of Quagmire's from when he was a Korea soap opera star.

When the guys find old video tapes of Quagmire's show in "Candy Quahog Marshmallow!", they travel to Korea to find the missing final episode where Quagmire is reunited with his former co-star Sujin, who invites them to dinner and to watch the episode at her place. After dinner, they find the final resolution has Quagmire leaving to return home in America. Peter's comments inspire Quagmire to stay in Korea with his co-star and lover.

The guys try to talk Quagmire out of his decision but he had decided he wants to find himself a new life. They guys drink at a Korean bar and while watching a Korean pop video, they decide to make a music video of their own, pointing out the advantages of returning to Quahog but still fail to change his mind. But when turning in for the night, he finds that her entire family will be living in close quarters with them.

As the guys prepare to leave, Quagmire arrives at the airport with his own tag to the song and joins them,, his former lover and her family happy just to be in a K-pop video.

Sujin is voiced by Margaret Cho.