Best Friends

The Super Devil is a creature that the Texans believe exist as a superior to Satan in "Boys Do Cry". He is at least six inches taller than Satan.

He first appears in a Channel 5 News Texas report by religion reporter Dallas Houston. He is called a bigger threat than Satan. He was accidentally killed when Brian fired shots from his new revolver he got by buying Whiskey randomly in the air, after which he falls from the sky on his flying motorcycle with multiple bullet wounds. Besides being six inches taller than Satan, he's also known for a flying motorcycle and carrying a jar of marmalade that forces people to commit adultery.

While Chris and Meg Griffin sneak into George W. Bush's house to steal a pair of his underwear, the Super Devil is seen in a picture having a beer with Bush.

The super devil has grey pants, a black cape, collar and gloves. He also appears to have red skin and goat horns.