Super Splash City is a waterpark that Peter takes the family to for an anniversary trip in "Dearly Deported".

After dismissing everyone to meet pack later in the day, Peter tries a waterslide, but discovers no actual slide. He is given a 'Starburst' candy, but after an initial sensation of riding a fruit wave, he finds himself smacked onto the pavement with a head wound. He realizes that the attendant had given him acid. When he is offered Skittles, he questions if it is also acid which the attendant confirms, being an adult working in a waterpark.

Meg fails to heed instructions to not slide headfirst and wait until the attendant at another waterslide gives clearance, and ends up with her head through Brian's rectum and visible through his mouth.

Chris steals a Hispanic girl named Isabella's top, but when she calls him on it, he finds her attractive and Stewie convinces him to get a date with her.