Take It on the Run
From the episode: "The Splendid Source"
Singers: REO Speedwagon
Voices: REO Speedwagon

"Take It on the Run" is the fifth track on the REO Speedwagon album Hi Infidelity. It was released as a single in 1981 and reached #5 on the Billboard charts. The song was written by guitarist Gary Richrath. "Take It on the Run" was the follow up single behind the group’s #1 hit, “Keep On Loving You”.

In "The Splendid Source", Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, and Glenn Quagmire attended a Speedwagon concert where the song was performed. The trio traced the dirty joke back to the band, and the song helped speed up the process of finding The Source, by naming a handful of people who heard the joke before them.


Heard it from a friend who

Heard it from a friend who

Heard it from another you been messin' around

(song fades into the background)