Live Free or Diet!

Tea Peter
Peter joins the Tea Party and shuts down the government.

Season: 10 Episode: 21
Total Episode Count: 186
Prod. no.: 9ACX18
First Aired: May 13, 2012

Guest Starring: Alexa Ray Joel
Featuring: Peter Griffin, Carter Pewterschmidt
Also Appearing: Brian, Stewie, Lois, Meg, Chris, Joe, Quagmire, Bonnie, Mort Goldman, Carl, Seamus, Mayor Adam West, Tom Tucker, Joyce Kinney, Herbert, Consuela, Ollie Williams, Elmer Hartman, Angela, Principal Shepherd, Al Harrington, Opie, Bruce, Dale Robinson, Adolf Hitler, Ronald Reagan, Ryan Phillippe
Director: Pete Michels

Assistant Director: Bao Nguyen
Writers: Patrick Meighan
Storyboarders: Steve Fonti, Michael Loya, Debbie Shin


At the grand re-opening of Goldman's Pharmacy, Peter buys a “come in, we're open” sign and decides to go in to business for himself but Joe is forced to shut him down for having an unlicensed business. Peter tries to fight city hall but loses. Peter finds a sympathetic ear in Quagmire and when they see a news report about the Tea Party they decide to join.


Peter's new belief doesn't go over well with Brian who informs him that the Tea Party is really a tool of big business. Joe tags along to a rally where Carter is posing as an everyday worker. When Peter stops inside to use the restroom he finds Carter but is fooled into believing the two are separate and is enlisted to help get rid of the government. Despite the family's resistance, Peter makes call for Carter on behalf of the Tea Party. In spite of Peter's involvement, they successfully campaign to have Mayor West shut down the government.

As Peter and the family celebrate their new freedom from government, Brian makes them aware of Carter's pollution and as time goes on things get worse. Peter goes to talk to Carter but finds he is unsympathetic. Peter calls the town together and manages to reform the government although he manages to present it as an entirely new thing.