Television shows and films shown in Season 11

Screenshot What's on Episode Who's watching Episode Order
MadMen Mad Men Ratings Guy Griffin Family 1
Peter feeds Jon Hamm advice on how to improve Mad Men.
Dateline Dateline Ratings Guy Griffin Family 2
Peter tells Dateline not to hold the truth about the killer until the end of the show.
Lettermantruck Late Show with David Letterman Ratings Guy Peter 3
David Letterman reads Goodnight Truck to Peter.
COPsbanana COPs...With Banana Guns Ratings Guy Joe 4
Peter's meddling interferes with Joe's show.
Mikemolly Mike & Molly Ratings Guy Peter, Joe, Quagmire 5
Peter relaxes with the guys after restoring television.
Sserpteem teeM eht sserP Yug Ylimaf Brian, Stewie 1
Brian sees what happens when Meet the Press is played in reverse.
Philtrailer Prequel to Philadelphia trailer Friends Without Benefits Meg, Kent Lastname, theater patrons 1
Meg and Kent go out.
Adrien Brody Adrien Brody Doing Situps Friends Without Benefits Meg, theater patrons 1a
The 3D film starts.
NWair Northwest Airlines commercial Jesus, Mary & Joseph Griffin Family 1
Northwest spins a positive outlook on their on-time record.
Canhorror Canadian Horror Story Space Cadet Chris 1
A ghost haunts a Canadian family.
Drunkgirlshoppingcart Drunken Girl Falls Out of Shopping Cart Space Cadet Peter 2
Peter checks videos on his phone.
CargobayMeg Meg in the cargo bay Space Cadet Stewie, Brian 3
Stewie plays a prank on Meg while she's in the cargo bay.
Videochat Videochat Brian's Play Jasper, Brian 1
Brian and Jasper share a video chat.
Fingernails Fingernails4Cash commercial The Giggity Wife Peter, Quagmire, Joe 1
The guys watch a commercial at The Drunken Clam.
Internetporn Internet porn The Giggity Wife Quagmire 2
Quagmire gets caught getting back into his routine.
Dyslexicsports Dyslexic Sports Report The Giggity Wife Peter 3
Peter watches the storps wens.
Catchpredator To Catch a Predator Who's Proud of Being a Predator Valentine's Day in Quahog Herbert, Sandy 1
Herbert watches his favorite show.
Tomcat Tom and Jerry Valentine's Day in Quahog Peter, Lois 2
Peter and Lois watch the final episode of Tom and Jerry.
Condomcommercial Condom commercial Chris Cross Peter, Lois 1a
The news is sponsored by condoms.
MikeDamone Leave it to Beaver Chris Cross Mike Damone 1
Peter tries to get some help from Mike Damone.
Contestantbanter Jeopardy! Presents: The Best of Contestant Banter Turban Cowboy Peter, Joe, Quagmire 1
The guys realize things are boring for them.
Muslimlooneytunes Muslim Looney Tunes Turban Cowboy Peter, Mahmoud 2
Peter and Mahmoud pass the time while in the hospital.
Padma Bottom Chef 12 and a Half Angry Men Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Brian 1
Judge Padma Lakshmi tells contestant chef Daniel L. to pack up his fudge and go.
Frenchquagmire Monsieur Oops Bigfat French theater audience 1
Quagmire's films are loved in France.
Stabbed in the butt Stabbed in the Butt Bigfat Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Brian 2
Contestants who answer a question wrong get stabbed in the butt.
MrMom Mr. Mom Bigfat Quagmire, theater audience 3
Quagmire claims to have seem Mr. Mom four times.
Feraladvice1 Advice to Feral Peter Bigfat Griffin Family 4
Peter leaves a series of videos just in case he becomes feral.
Feraladvice2 Advice to feral Peter Bigfat Griffin Family 4a
Peter's advice goes wrong in the second tape.
Channel2 Channel 2 News Total Recall Lois, Meg 1
Channel 2 news features a story on Tom Tucker's breakdown in a comedy club.
Waldo Where in World War II Is Waldo? Total Recall Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Brian 2
The Griffins watch a special on The History Channel.
QuagmireET In Memorium Save the Clam Quahog Funeral Home mourners 1
Joe presents a video tribute to Horace.
ChrisBrown Joanie Loves Chris Brown Save the Clam Quagmire, Joe, Peter 2
The guys are forced to watch television at Peter's house after Horace's death.
Dasistgut Das! Ist! Gut! Farmer Guy Griffin Family 1
The Griffins check out Germany's favorite show.
Franklinbash Franklin & Bash Roads to Vegas Stewie 1
Stewie watches Franklin & Bash, complete with indicators to show which one is which.
Gameofthrones Game of Thrones No Country Club for Old Men Peter, Lois, Stewie 1
Peter, Lois and Stewie watch Game of Thrones on BET.