Television shows and films shown in Season 12

Screenshot What's on Episode Who's watching Episode Order
11angrydisabled Eleven Angry Men and One Developmentally Disabled Man Finders Keepers Lois, Brian, Meg, Chris 1
A holdout on a jury changes a trial.
Peapod2 Family Guy Finders Keepers Old woman 2
An old woman likes a cutaway, but not Peter's intrusion.
QuantumCreep Quantum Creep Vestigial Peter Stewie, Brian, Meg, Chris 1
Sam arrives in 1972 and decides to show his penis to some kids.
MikeyTony The Mikey Tony Magnanimous Hour Vestigial Peter Lois 2
Mikey Tony presents real people being magnanimous about real things.
CptCentranAm Captain Central America A Fistful of Meg Peter 1
A Latino superhero is created to paint a house.
KYderby Kentucky Derby A Fistful of Meg Brian, Stewie 2
Stewie cheers for the horse with the cutest name.
Megsextape Meg's sex tape A Fistful of Meg Stewie 3
Meg tries to get expelled but only gets one watcher.
BETET BET E.T. A Fistful of Meg Brian 4
E.T. is in no hurry to leave.
Mdockery Downton Syndrome Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee Stewie, Brian, Meg, Chris 1
The kids watch a UK "special".
Italianstartrek Italian Star Trek Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee Peter 2
Peter would rather stay in the hotel room in Italy and watch television.
Iloveliquor I Love Liquor Life of Brian Native American Griffin family 1
Native American Stewie doesn't want to be bothered with Buffalo Brian due to watching television.
Kermiejr Muppet Babies In Harmony's Way Griffin Family, Vinny, Rupert 1
As Kermit the Frog expresses concern that Kermie Jr. isn't doing well, the half-pig/half-frog begs to be killed.
Homealone Home Alone With Competent Robbers Christmas Guy Peter, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Vinny 1
The crooks are not fooled by the traps.
Miracle134st Miracle on 134th Street Christmas Guy Griffin Family 1
A car owner is surprised that his belongings are intact.
WithoutSantaSex The Year Without a Santa Claus or Sex Christmas Guy Stewie 3
A father is stressed during the holidays.
Yulelog2 Yule Log Christmas Guy Griffin Family 4
The television plays the old standard on Christmas Day.
Streetcardraft A Streetcar Named Desire Grimm Job Peter, Lois 1
Peter and Lois catch an early draft of A Streetcar Named Desire.
Mazdaryan Saving Private Ryan without commercial interruption Brian's a Bad Father Quagmire 1
Quagmire watches a film edited for the sponsor, Mazda.
Somaliloveboat The Love Boat With Somali Pirates Brian's a Bad Father Lois 2
Captain Stubing discovers his job isn't so tough after all.
STSpecial S.T.: The Special Terrestrial Mom's the Word Joe, Quagmire 1
The guys catch a film while while waiting for Peter at The Drunken Clam.
TPREVELYN The Price is Right Mom's the Word Evelyn 2
Evelyn sneaks a peek at the television while kissing Peter.
JohnWayne Big Bill Doyle 3 Acts of God Peter, Cleveland, Joe, Quagmire 1
The guys catch John Wayne's final film with commentary.
Spiller FOX NFL Postgame 3 Acts of God Peter, Cleveland, Joe, Quagmire 2
The guys are annoyed when the Buffalo Bills players give God credit for their win over the New England Patriots.
Animalcommentry Animal voiceover 3 Acts of God Peter, Bill Belichick, Cleveland, Joe, Quagmire 3
Peter tries to get a smile out of Bill Belichick by showing him an animal video he made with humorous voiceover.
BackpackingEurope Backpacking Through Europe With a Bowlegged Man in Short-Shorts Fresh Heir Peter, Stewie, Brian 1
A bowlegged backpacker has a grip on things.
MIV Mission Impossible V director's cut Fresh Heir Chris 2
Chris watches the Mission Impossible V director's cut with the step-stools for Tom Cruise left in.
Atthemovies At the Movies With Two Guys That Watch the Films on Their iPods Fresh Heir Joe, Quagmire 3
The guys watch television at The Drunken Clam while waiting for Peter.
Antismokingcommercial Peter's anti-smoking commercial Secondhand Spoke Peter, Joe, Quagmire 1
Peter shows off his anti-smoking commercial.
Animal VH1's Behind the Music Herpe, the Love Sore Peter, Lois 1
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem are featured.
ClintEastwood The Outlaw Josey Wales Herpe, the Love Sore Brian, Stewie 2
Brian and Stewie watch a western.
Hatfieldmccoy The Guy Who Lived In Between the Hatfields and the McCoys Herpe, the Love Sore Peter, Joe, Quagmire 3
The guys watch The History Channel from the bar at The Drunken Clam.
Bryansneezes Bryan Cranston Sneezes Herpe, the Love Sore Stewie, Rupert 4
Bryan earns another Emmy.
Dialcrossspecies "Dial Cross-Species" commercial The Most Interesting Man in the World Peter 1
Peter sits though a commercial for a shampoo for dogs and humans.
Supercancer Superman The Most Interesting Man in the World Peter, Joe, Quagmire 2
Superman's x-ray vision causes cancer in Lois Lane and the other women.
Karatekidreal The Karate Kid with realistic human feeling The Most Interesting Man in the World Joe, Quagmire 3
Daniel has some choice words for Johnny.
Wizrobot Wizard Robot and His Less Successful Friend The Most Interesting Man in the World Lois 4
Lois sneaks some television.
Hallmarkchannel Hallmark Greeting Cards Explained Baby Got Black Peter, Lois, Meg, Brian, Stewie 1
The family watches the Hallmark Channel.
HBOBoys Boys Baby Got Black Peter 2
Peter watches an HBO Original Movie.
Bethenny Frankel Extreme Makeover: Bethenny Frankel Edition Meg Stinks! Chris, Stewie 1
The crowd shouts for the bus back.
JollyFarmiV Jolly Farm Revue Meg Stinks! Chris, Stewie 2
Chris and Stewie watch Jolly Farm Revue until Brian is sprayed by a skunk.
Gaybachelor The Gay Bachelor He's Bla-ack! Peter, Lois, Brian 1
The bachelor chooses himself.
EarlyComedyclub Slightly Too-Early Comedy Club Audience Member He's Bla-ack! Peter 2
A comedy club patron laughs before the punchline is delivered.
JeremyPiven The Incredible Hulk Chap Stewie Brian 1
Brian watches a version of The Incredible Hulk starring Jeremy Piven.
LadyCad The Cadwalliders of Essex Chap Stewie Brian, Stewie, Rupert 2
Stewie introduces Brian to a favorite show.