Television shows and films shown in Season 14

Screenshot What's on Episode Who's watching Episode Order
AzizAns Comedians you've been told to like Guy, Robot Peter, Chris, Stewie, Brian 1
A comedy special featuring Aziz Ansari.
LavernShirley Laverne & Shirley Guy, Robot Peter 2
Peter has to wait for Laverne & Shirley to return from a commercial break.
ManiacPope Maniac Pope 2: Thou Shall Not Live Peternormal Activity Peter, Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland, theater patrons 1
The guys decide they can write a better horror film.
CerealKiller Cereal Killer Peternormal Activity Peter, Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland, theater patrons 2
The guys find their horror film isn't any better.
Vodkabeer Vodka Beer commercial Peter, Chris, & Brian Lois, Meg, Brian, Chris, Stewie 1
A beer to fool the women.
TeenPeter Teenage Peter Peter, Chris, & Brian Peter 2
Peter watches a video from his younger self.
Guyfriends1 Guy Friends! Peter's Sister Griffin Family 1
Two guys are matched up by a roommate service.
The Cosby Show The Cosby Show: Knowing What We Know Now Peter's Sister Griffin Family, Quagmire, Brown Family, Swanson Family 2
Recent events shed a new light on the old series.
Dateline2 Dateline Hot Pocket-Dial Peter, Cleveland, Joe 1
The guy everyone believes does it, really does it.
BullRun Seriously Wicked Bull Run Brokeback Swanson Peter, Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland 1
The guys see an advertisement for a running of the bulls.
Dacx01 025 02 0106 hires2 Winter/Summer Candy Quahog Marshmallow! Peter, Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland 1
The guys watch Quagmire's Korean soap opera.
Panup Pan Up, Pan Down, French Song, The End The Peanut Butter Kid Griffin Family 1
The Griffins watch a foreign film while waiting for the mail to arrive.
Stepdadshow The Awkward Stepdad Show The Peanut Butter Kid Meg, Chris 2
A dad makes his son uncomfortable.
Dacx08 311 02b 0214 hires2 Scooter's Peanut Butter commercial The Peanut Butter Kid The Griffins, the Swansons, the Browns, Quagmire 3
Everyone gathers to see the premier of Stewie's peanut butter commercial.
NBALSD NBA Scammed Yankees Peter Griffin 1
Peter watches the NBA on TNT on LSD.
KevinJames Kevin James Got Too Fat to be in Movies Scammed Yankees Peter Griffin 2
Kevin James gets kicked out of Hollywood for eating Adam Sandler.
Creepspace9 Star Trek: Creep Space Nine An App a Day Peter, Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland 1
The base peeks in on a woman undressing.
Shiftingvolume Shifting volume A Lot Going On Upstairs Stewie 1
Stewie tries to stay awake to a television station that has shifting volume.
MemoriesJoe Memories The Heartbreak Dog The Swansons & neighbors 1
Joe shows videos from his and Bonnie's honeymoon and 10th anniversary.
Kenmodel The Price is Right The New Adventures of Old Tom Peter, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Brian 1
The models have been replaced by males.
Munchout Michael Douglas' Munch out The New Adventures of Old Tom Peter, Lois 2
Peter plays Michael Douglas' Munch Out in a video game store at the Quahog Mall, in which Michael Douglas simulates oral sex in a boxing setting.
Digger2 Lamisil commercial Run, Chris, Run Cleveland, Jerome 1
Cleveland and Jerome wonder exactly what Digger is supposed to be.
TecmoBowl Tecmo Bowl Run, Chris, Run Peter, Joe, Quagmire 2
The guys try to play a video game to lure Cleveland back.
DoubleDribble Double Dribble Run, Chris, Run Peter, Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland 3
Peter and Cleveland play a basketball video game.