Television shows and films shown in Season 5

Screenshot What's on Episode Who's watching Episode Order
Robin Robin: Boy Wonder Stewie Loves Lois Griffin Family 1
Robin finds himself under appreciated.
Freddyfingered Freddy Got Fingered Stewie Loves Lois Peter, Brian 2
Brian and Peter channel surf.
ETfinger E.T.: The Extraterrestrial Stewie Loves Lois Peter, Brian 2a
Brian and Peter channel surf.
Yellowpages Yellow Pages commercial Stewie Loves Lois Peter, Brian 2b
Brian and Peter channel surf.
Mannequin1 Mannequin Mother Tucker Peter 1
Peter challenges fate and loses.
Roundtable RoundTable Mother Tucker Lois, Meg, Chris 2
The speakers forget what they were actually discussing.
MasturbatorandCommander Masturbator and Commander Mother Tucker Peter, Lois 3
The Captain polishes his cannon during a battle.
Parker Fennelly Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies commercial Hell Comes to Quahog Lois, Peter, Chris, Stewie, Brian 1
Pepperidge Farm remembers everything.
AlexGloria Madagascar Hell Comes to Quahog Douche in a Hummer 2
Douchebag watches Madagascar driving.
Evencouple The Even Couple Hell Comes to Quahog Peter, Lois 3
Lois and Peter catch a film at the drive-in.
Ghost Whisperer Ghost Whisperer Hell Comes to Quahog Lois, Peter, Chris, Stewie, Brian 4
Melinda can't figure out why all of the ghosts come to her.
Armyvid What Can the U.S. Army Do For You? Saving Private Brian James Woods Regional High School 1
The students watch an army recruiting film.
Robertshow Robert Saving Private Brian Peter, Lois 2
Lois and Peter watch a spinoff to Everybody Loves Raymond.
Rodney King Rodney King of Queens Prick Up Your Ears Mayor Adam West 1
Mayor West relaxes at home.
Genitalhosital Genital Hospital Prick Up Your Ears Chris, Stewie, Chris' friends 2
A woman is diagnosed with nymphomania.
Laguna Beach Laguna Beach Prick Up Your Ears Peter 3
Peter watches television.
UtuPiano Autumn's Piano Chick Cancer Peter, Lois 1
Lois insists Peter go to the movies with her.
SV1 Steel Vaginas Chick Cancer Griffin Family, Joe, Bonnie, Cleveland, Quagmire, Mayor Adam West, Mort, Fouad 2
Peter makes his own chick-flick.
Romancing Stone Romancing the Stone Barely Legal Mayor Adam West 1
Mayor West believes Joan Wilder is missing.
Cheers Cheers Road to Rupert Peter 1
Peter decides to entertain himself by pretending he is part of the show.
Spongebob Patrick SpongeBob SquarePants Road to Rupert Peter 2
Peter watches SpongeBob in the car.
Sarah jessica parker Failure to Launch Peter's Two Dads Peter 1
Peter considers himself tough after sitting through half of Failure to Launch.
Italians Cutting in Line in Front of Italians The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou Lois 1
Italians voice their displeasure with someone cutting in line.
Warmovie War Movie Airport '07 Chris 1
Lois wonders where the couch has gone.
Carl Sagan Cosmos: A Personal Voyage Airport '07 Peter, Brian 2
Peter and Brian watch Cosmos, edited for rednecks.
Queen Latifah Last Holiday Airport '07 Peter, Joe, Cleveland 3
The guys finish watching the film after landing the plane.
Roy Schnider Toilet training video Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey Brian, Stewie 1
Stewie and Brian watch a toilet training video.
Tyra Banks America's Next Top Model No Meals on Wheels Peter, Brian 1
An enraged Tyra Banks produces a giant iguana out of her mouth, which devours a displeased Top Model contestant.
Julia Dryfus Now It's Just Getting Sad Boys Do Cry Peter, Lois 1
Peter and Lois watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus pitch her new show.
Niel Harris How I Met Your Father No Chris Left Behind Griffin Family 1
Stinson and Ted "suit up."
Liarliar Liar, Liar remake No Chris Left Behind Carter 2
Carter insists Peter shoot and star in a shot-for-shot remake of Liar, Liar.
Tinyeverything Japanese Girls Think Small Versions of Things Are Really Cute No Chris Left Behind Peter 3
Tiny dog, tiny purse, tiny phone, tiny "everything."
Legion of Doom Lois' mayoral debate It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One The Legion of Doom 1
Lois uncovers The Legion of Doom's secret plan.
Chasetonight The Tonight Show Meet the Quagmires Peter, Brian 1
Peter and Brian watch The Tonight Show with host Chevy Chase.