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Television shows and films shown in Season 7

Screenshot What's on Episode Who's watching Episode Order
Peterservanno Peter's public service announcement I Dream of Jesus Mayor Adam West 1
Peter delivers some surprising news.
Jesustonight The Tonight Show with Jay Leno I Dream of Jesus Griffin Family 2
The Griffins watch Jesus appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno backstage.
AAwardsger The Academy Awards Road to Germany Griffin Family, Joe, Bonnie, Muriel, Mort, Cleveland, Quagmire 1
The Griffin Family & neighbors settle in to watch the start of the Academy Awards.
DirecTV DirecTV remote guide Baby Not On Board Cleveland, Quagmire 1
Cleveland and Quagmire are forced to watch the DirecTV guide.
Dumbosex Operation Dumbo Sex Baby Not On Board Peter, passing car 2
Peter sees Operation Dumbo Sex being played in a passing car.
Johnny Knoxville Jackass The Man with Two Brians Peter, Joe, Brian, Cleveland, Quagmire 1
The guys are inspired to try Jackass stunts.
Puppyvid Brian's puppy compilation video The Man with Two Brians Griffin Family 2
Brian shows the family his compilation video of when he was a puppy.
Crocvid Crocodile at an alligator rally The Man with Two Brians Storyteller 3
The Storyteller explains the origins of the term "croc."
Detarded The Detarded Tales of a Third Grade Nothing Stewie 1
Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio as retarded cops.
Two half men Two and a Half Men Ocean's Three and a Half Bonnie, Peter 1
Peter tries to induce Bonnie's labor.
Smartermaid Are You Smarter Than a Hispanic Maid? Ocean's Three and a Half Peter, Cleveland, Quagmire 2
The guys catch some TV at The Drunken Clam.
Oceansscreen "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" Ocean's Three and a Half Brian, Stewie 3
Stewie shows Brian his music video.
Robberycams Security cameras Ocean's Three and a Half Joe, Lois 4
Joe monitors the robbery progress.
Blackguywhite That Black Guy Must Be Doing Well Because Everything He Owns Is White Family Gay Peter 1
Peter watches television before bed.
Meredith Baxter Raped By a Clown Family Gay Peter, Scott 2
Peter and Scott catch a Lifetime movie starring Meredith Baxter.
Robert Mitchum In-Shape, Out-of-Shape Guy from the '50s The Juice Is Loose Stewie 1
Stewie tries to watch satellite TV.
Rhondalatimore FOX News Report FOX-y Lady Peter, Cleveland, Joe, Quagmire 1
The guys watch the news at The Drunken Clam.
Bananasbroadway Bananas Over Broadway FOX-y Lady Stewie, Lois, Chris, Meg, Brian 2
Woody Allen directs a film with Patrick Stewart in a role that was designed for Allen.
Rhondalatimore FOX News Report FOX-y Lady Griffin Family 3
When Peter arrives home he changes the channel to the FOX News Report as Rhonda Latimer announces the switch to high definition.
Ellenrogan The Ellen DeGeneres Show FOX-y Lady Griffin Family 4
The Ellen DeGeneres Show appears in high definition.
RhondaHD FOX News Report FOX-y Lady Quahog 5
Rhonda Latimer appears in high definition.
Rhondareplace FOX News Report FOX-y Lady Quahog 5a
Rhonda Latimer is quickly replaced at Fox News Channel.
FOXmonitors Fox News Channel monitors FOX-y Lady Lois, FOX employees 6
Lois is shown around Fox News Channel.
Moorelimpballs Lois' footage FOX-y Lady Lois, Fox News Channel executive 7
Lois shows the footage she has of Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh.
Handiquacks Handi-Quacks FOX-y Lady Peter, Fox News Channel executive 8
Peter pitches Handi-Quacks.
Kirklord Kirk and the Lord: Just Hangin' Not All Dogs Go To Heaven Meg 1
Meg watches The Religious Channel.
MTMEnt The Mary Tyler Moore Show 420 Quagmire, James 1
Quagmire and James catch The Mary Tyler Moore Show to the end of the credits.
Hitlerjoint Peter's anti-pot commercial 420 Peter, Carter 2
Peter screens his anti-drug commercial for Carter.
Peterwhitecastle Carter's anti-pot commercial 420 Lois, Carter, Peter 3
Carter screens his own commercial for Lois.
Michael Vick Lady and the Tramp and Michael Vick Stew-Roids Lois, Brian 1
Michael Vick drowns the dogs.
Adam Sandler The 35-Year-Old Bicycle Delivery Boy Stew-Roids Seagull in a theater 2
A seagull proves to be an annoying distraction.
Buffalo Chris "Goodbye Horses" Stew-Roids James Woods Regional High School 3
The school sees Chris' dance.
19thcenturygirls 19th Century British Girls Various Reactions to Their Older Sister's Engagement We Love You, Conrad Peter, Meg, Chris, Brian, Stewie 1
The family watches PBS.
Hills4 The Hills We Love You, Conrad Peter, Meg, Chris, Lois 2
The family watches The Hills.
Hillsreview The Hills We Love You, Conrad Lauren Conrad, Brian, Stewie 3
Lauren Conrad, Brian and Stewie preview footage.
Ateamlive The A-Team We Love You, Conrad Lauren Conrad, Brian, Stewie 3a
The footage of The Hills is inter-cut with footage from The A-Team.
TMZcom We Love You, Conrad Brian 4
Meg shows Brian that he made the news.

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