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Brian: Could you close the gate? A couple o' calves got loose. Pow!

Al Harrington: Short but handsome slightly hairy newly single salesman!

Brian's Heart: Brian, this is your heart. What the hell do you think you're doing, man? Stop.
Brian's Penis: Brian, this is your penis. Don't listen to him. We're this close to bone city.
Peter: Brian, I'm here too. I'm hanging out with your penis and your heart.

Stephen King's ghostwriter: Scary stuff, scary stuff, scary stuff, ding! Scary stuff, scary stuff, scary stuff, ding! Scary stuff, scary stuff, scary stuff, lunch!

Peter: Come on, Joe. You can't be afraid. What if Bono had been afraid to wear sunglasses? Then nobody would know about Africa.

Lois: Was someone wearing my new high heels?
[Brian points to Stewie]
Stewie: You dick.

Stewie: Brian, why does everything you touch turn to garbage?

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