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  • This episode is dedicated to the memory of Doug Lackey, one of the show's music editors.
  • Guest star Amy Schumer is the first person to guest star on three FOX animated shows on the same night.
    • Credited as providing the voice of the "crew leader," a preview video for the episode had the character depicted as a male, complete with an arrow noting that Amy was providing the voice. A last minute addition to the episode promos, as well as the episode itself, shows the character redrawn as female. The character to her left was also redesigned.
  • Several long-disused locations and characters are brought back for this episode, including Cheesie Charlie's, Bob's Funland Amusement Park, Olivia Fuller and more recently, Vinny.
  • "Tubthumping" by Chumbawumba plays during Chris' rush to the airport.
  • The separation between Vinny's light and dark sections has a more distinctively drawn line in this appearance.
  • Although Chris generally has a job at the Quahog Mini-Mart, he is jobless in this episode.

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