The Choomba Woomba Song
From the episode: Wasted Talent
Singers: Chumbawumbas
Voices: Studio singers

"The Choomba Woomba Song" is a song sung by the Chumbawumbas in "Wasted Talent". In the episode, Pawtucket Pat, apparently having something against handicapped people, summons his Chumbawumba to sing Joe Swanson out of the factory. It is a parody of "The Oompa Loompa Song" from the film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.


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Chumbawumba, gobbledy-goo ♪ ♪ Life isn't fair, it's sad but it's true ♪

Chumbawumba, gobbledy-gee ♪ ♪ When your poor legs are stiff as a tree ♪

Chumbawumba 1

♪ What do you do when you're stuck in a chair? ♪

Chumbawumba 2

♪ Finding it hard to go up and down stairs? ♪

Chumbawumba 3

♪ What do you think of the one you call God? ♪

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♪ Isn't his absence slightly odd? ♪

Chumbawumba 3

♪ Maybe he's forgotten you ♪

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Chumbawumba, gobbledy-gorse ♪ ♪ Count yourself lucky you're not a horse ♪

♪ They would turn you into dog food ♪ ♪ Or to Chumba wumba gobbledy-glue ♪

Joe: I'm glad I'm not taking your stupid tour! I'm a Coors man, anyway! Silver bullet!

Chumbawumba 3

♪ Gobbledy-glue ♪