• This episode features a recurring joke parodying superhero vehicles such as the Batmobile. Peter boldly shouts “To the Petercopter!”; he then crashes said helicopter into Joe’s yard. The joke is repeated with the “Hindenpeter,” which, like the German zeppelin Hindenburg disaster crashes into Joe’s house, something which is met with the scream from Joe of “How can you afford these things?!”
  • Adam West’s cat Bootsy was previously mentioned in “Ready, Willing, and Disabled”.
  • The awkward pass Brian makes at Meg foreshadows their short-lived and creepy relationship portrayed in “Barely Legal”.
  • Brian suggests that Meg is 17 years old in this episode, but in “Peter's Two Dads,” Meg celebrates her 17th birthday. However, Brian was drunk when he said the above statement.
  • The patient in the "You Have AIDS" musical number is named after one of the show's writers, Tom Devanney.
  • Stewie watches an episode of Bewitched where Darrin Stephens gets sick of Endora constantly using her magic to ruin his life and uses holy water against her.
  • "Rock Lobster" is a song by the B-52s, who are known for their song "Love Shack".
  • When the Griffins are receiving their CPR cards after the class, Meg receives her card, but it has Peter’s name on it.
  • In a flashback Peter remembers the time when he was intoxicated at the library. He reads the novel Johnny Tremain out loud and is chased by a security guard. On the cover of the book it says Johnny Tremaine with an E.
  • It appears that no one knows how to revive Joe via CPR, although Quagmire has done it before in "Blind Ambition", but he did not know what it was when he initially did it.
  • Though Cleveland and Loretta have a son, Cleveland Jr., neither his existence nor his fate because of the divorce is mentioned until the pilot of The Cleveland Show, when the divorce is finalized with Cleveland winning custody of Junior.
  • In "Yug Ylimaf", with time having been reversed, Peter and the barbershop quartet are seen coming back from the hospital singing a snippet of "You Have AIDS" and walking backward into the house with Peter looking forward to singing the song.
  • Peter’s description of Loretta’s affair consists mostly of the word “Bam” spoken repeatedly. After a while, he asks Bamm-Bamm Rubble from The Flintstones to take over, who then passes it on to Emeril Lagasse who finishes with his trademark “Bam!”
  • Peter says the CPR dummy is “hard, jagged and tastes like alcohol; Just like kissing Faye Dunaway,” an actress known for playing coarse characters.
  • Peter asks Cleveland about a scene in the Superman II in which Superman uses a “cellophane S” to hinder the character Non.
  • A flashback shows Peter in the audience of Crossing Over with John Edward, a show in which Edward supposedly speaks to audience members’ dead relatives.
  • A transition between two scenes imitates Transformers animated series Transformers, in which the Autobot and Decepticon symbols alternate as the show moves between scenes showing one group and scenes showing the other. In this case, the faces are that of Peter and Quagmire. On the DVD commentary for this episode, the creators reveal that they had originally wanted to use the actual insignia of both factions, but were unable to acquire the rights.
  • When Peter gets kicked in the groin by the orange-haired host of Kicked in the Nuts, the host’s mention of the word “nuts” when he tells Peter and Lois the name of the show was bleeped out on the FOX airing and on the censored track of the Region 1 DVD set. The Cartoon Network airing and the DVD’s uncensored audio track have the word intact.
  • According to the DVD commentary, another chicken fight was meant to be in this episode but instead, aired on "Blind Ambition"; that episode was too short and this episode was too long.
  • Although Kicked in the Nuts is described as a TV show, it is in fact an Internet website, co-created by Mike Henry, who voices Cleveland Brown. It could, however, be considered a TV show in the context of the TV-format film festival Channel 101. The site is mentioned in the DVD commentary as the inspiration for the scene.
  • Also on the DVD commentary of this episode, the main reason why the writers chose to remove Loretta from the series was revealed. Loretta’s voice actor, Alex Borstein, was apparently tired of doing Loretta’s voice, so the writers went one step ahead and had Loretta removed from the series. The commentary also reveals that she wasn’t very interesting, rather she was there for the sake of being Cleveland’s wife, so the writers also used that as a reason to get rid of her.

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