• While the Griffins and friends are playing charades, Joe falls off the boat and begins to drown, Peter guesses actress Natalie Wood, who died in a drowning accident. When Joe is revived, he tells Peter that Natalie Wood was the correct answer.
  • A cutaway shows Peter repainting the famous Sistine Chapel, with a portrait of actor/wrestler André the Giant, a reference to the André the Giant Has a Posse street art campaign. He explains that this “would be a little hipper...[to] bring back...those boys you scared away,” a reference to the Roman Catholic Church sex abuse scandal.
  • When Brian hears Loretta screaming, Peter seems to fail to understand what has happened. Brian tries to explain that it sounded like someone was screaming, to which Peter replies with “Trouble at the old mill?” This is a reference to Lassie and the innumerable dangers to which Lassie alerted people.
  • The flashback in which Quagmire must “fess-up to the nation” parodies President Bill Clinton’s 1999 admission of guilt in the Lewinsky scandal.
  • The ending scene where Cleveland and Quagmire face off in a boxing ring is a parody of the final scene of the 1982 sequel Rocky III between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed.
  • Cleveland swallows a can of spinach in a homage to Popeye.
  • In a cutaway, Quagmire and Cleveland imitate the Festrunk brothers, the “two wild and crazy guys” from the 1970s Saturday Night Live episodes. Peter appears dressed as Beldar from the Coneheads, another of Aykroyd SNL characters from that era.
  • Palpatine, from Star Wars Episodes V and VI, urges Cleveland to “let the hatred flow through” him, which was exactly said by Emperor Palpatine to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.
  • When he leaves Mayor West’s protection, Quagmire is given a banana to protect himself with. This is in reference to Monty Python’s “Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit” skit from Monty Python's Flying Circus and later used in Monty Python’s And Now for Something Completely Different.

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