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Fg dvd cc1-9

This box set for overseas markets contains the volumes 1-9, which encompass "Death Has a Shadow" to "Dog Gone", excluding Blue Harvest and Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story segments "Stewie B. Goode", "Bango Was His Name Oh", and "Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure".
This set also contains the two-disc set "Family Guy Uncovered".

General Information about the box

Format: PAL
Language English
Region: 2 (Europe, Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland)
Number of discs: 27
Classification: 15
Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: Nov 1st, 2010
Overall Runtime: approx 3919 min (2822 min on season discs + 1097 min on "Family Guy Uncovered")


Region 2 DVD Release equates to US TV Order Subtitles Bonus Material
Season 1 (14 episodes)

S01E01-S01E07, S02E01-S02E02
S02E05-S02E07, S02E09-S02E10

EFTHI* none
(instead on "FG Uncovered")
Season 2 (15 episodes) S02E03-S02E04, S02E08
S02E11-S02E21, S03E22
EFTHI* none
(instead on "FG Uncovered")
Season 3 (21 episodes) S03E01-S03E21 EFTHI* none
(instead on "FG Uncovered")
Season 4 (13 episodes) S04E01-S04E13 EFTHI*

10 audio commentaries,
"World Domination" featurette,
deleted scene animatics,
"inside the recording booth"
featurette, guest star interviews,
"Score!" - music featurette,
multi-angle table reads,
storyboard and line test gallery,
storyboard/animatic comparison

Season 5 (14 episodes) S04E14-S04E27* EFTHI* 14 audio commentaries,
over 40 deleted scenes
Season 6 (13 episodes) S05E01-S05E13 EFTHI* 13 audio commentaries,
3 animatic episodes
with optional commentary,
deleted scenes,
"drawing peter" featurette,
"toys, toys galore" featurette
Season 7 (12 episodes) S05E14-S05E18, S06E02-S06E08


12 audio commentaries,
over 50 deleted scenes,
100th episode special + making of,
"Family Guy Live!" featurette,
"Peter Shin Draws Lois" featurette,
"I'm huge" music video,
3 animatic episodes
with optional commentary,
"favorite scenes" featurette

Season 8 (13 episodes) S06E09-S06E12, S07E01-S07E09 Danish
13 audio commentaries,
deleted scenes,
3 animatic episodes
with optional commentary,
4 featurettes:

"take me out to place tonight"
"Family Guy Cribz"
"Comic-Con 2008"
"Family Guy Art Show"

Season 9 (15 episodes) S07E10-S07E18, S08E01-S08E08 Danish
11 audio commentaries,
deleted scenes, FG karaoke,
"The Road to The Road to
the Multiverse" featurette
Family Guy Uncovered various episodes from S01-S03 EFTHI* see according description