• Stewie actually calls Peter “Dad” in this episode.
  • Meg had one line in this episode and only appears once.
  • Stewie has also been shown as Short Round in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.
  • Kim Cattrall is made fun of for her age in one cutaway.
  • A cutaway shows an alternate version of Back to the Future Part II in which Dr. Emmett Brown is revealed to be a racist.
  • When Peter rescues Stewie from “It’s a Tiny World,” he asks Stewie why he’s dressed like Fred Berry’s character What's Happening!!
  • When Peter’s socially awkward and “burden of the state” supervisor, Opie, is promoted, the evil Decepticon Soundwave from The Transformers inherits his job. Soundwave has a wife he met in a Christian chat room, and carries a picture of his family that transforms into a cassette tape. Compared to “When You Wish Upon a Weinstein”, it had previously established Optimus Prime, leader of the opposing Autobots, as Jewish.
  • A cutaway depicts Cleveland working for E! and speaking to Penélope Cruz He actually thinks she is Seabiscuit and feeds her a carrot. Cruz tries to tell him who she actually is, but eats the carrot.
  • In the scene where Peter rescues Stewie from “It’s a Tiny World” and Ahmed the guard goes after them, Peter’s line to distract him, “Hey, look over there! There’s a woman learning!” was cut on the censored version.
  • Some of Quagmire’s obscene gestures in his story of how he had sex with the hot homeless twins was replaced with an extended shot of Peter covering Stewie’s ears on the censored version.
  • Peter realizes that Stewie has run off while they are shopping in a Disney shop. He spots the Crows from the Disney film Dumbo sitting in the shop.
  • At Disney World, before the Disney Stock slide ride, Monstro the Whale from the Disney movie Pinocchio can be seen. Monstro the Whale is part of a Disney Parks ride, called Storybookland, but only at Disneyland. In the commentary, it was revealed this was done on purpose as a way to 'distort' Disney World to avoid being sued for copyright infringement.
  • When Peter takes Stewie to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, the designed leans heavily on the proposed "New Fenway Park" that was put forward by Red Sox ownership in 2001 but never came to fruition. The most notable detail is the scoreboard placed over the section of the fence known as "The Green Monster."[1]
  • According to DVD commentary, there were more scenes in the subplot of Chris doing chores for Herbert to pay off the broken window, but FOX Standards rejected them due to Herbert’s morally questionable character. Some of the missing scenes mentioned was a scene where Herbert offers Chris a pill he claims is Tylenol and tells Chris to lie face down on the couch and a scene where Herbert gives Chris his own work uniform, which turns out to be a leather bondage harness.
  • According to the DVD commentary, all the laughing by Peter and Stewie in the part where they drown Lois in the stationwagon, hitchhike to a McDonalds, and are home on the couch was done by Seth MacFarlane himself, which left him sweating and exhausted from going through with it.

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