• Meg and Chris do not appear in this episode.
  • The song that plays when Quagmire meets various women from Tinder is "Fun" by Pitbull and Chris Brown.
  • Lois takes over the lyrics to "Every Morning" by Sugar Ray, to Stewie's frustration.
  • Peter acknowledges H. Jon Benjamin's role of Archer.
  • The image of Queen Elizabeth II is taken from her 2014 Christmas address.[1]
  • Quagmire scores a sex date from a creature from Where the Wild Things Are who later shows up in the song "Tinder is Gross".
  • French actor and filmmaker Gerard Depardieu is among Quagmire's potential Tinder dates.
  • Right before the June 18, 2017 rerun of this episode, FOX aired an "In Loving Memory" tribute to Adam West.

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