• Stewie recalls a time he “saw Bobby McFerrin fall down all those stairs.”
  • Patrick was traumatized as a child when he walked in on his mother having an affair with Jackie Gleason, who apparently ejaculated in her face while saying his catch phrase “Pow! Right in the kisser!” Peter triggers Patrick’s killing spree by wearing a bus driver’s uniform identical to the one Gleason wore on The Honeymooners and repeating this phrase several times.
  • A cutaway scene shows Brian finding George W. Bush in his Crawford, Texas treehouse reading Superfudge and letting him know about Hurricane Katrina.
  • When Brian puts a TV in orbit around Peter, there’s a broadcast of an episode of the Three Stooges.
  • When Peter and the NAAFP are chasing after Patrick, they follow him into a forest called James Woods.
  • While on the way to meet Patrick for the first time, Lois wonders out loud to Chris, Meg, and Stewie if Dateline would be interested in doing a show about her reuniting with her long-lost brother. If so, she suggests, she'd "get to meet that pompous ass, Stone Phillips."
  • It is revealed in this episode that in addition to Lois’ sister Carol and possibly an illegitimate mulatto boy who Lois mentioned in “Screwed the Pooch”, she also has a brother named Patrick.
  • Stewie plays with, and a fake commercial is shown for "Ball in a Cup", voiced by an announcer sounding suspiciously like Al Harrington. The commercial repeats the phrase “ball in a cup” several times to comedic effect and claims that the toy has been Mexico’s favorite for over 340 years. This is again used in "Padre de Familia", where the Mexican children are shown playing with the toy, and later Stewie recalls the wording of the commercial. Mayor Adam West would later get a "Ball in a Cup" for Christmas in "Road to the North Pole".
  • According to Dr. Hartman, Peter’s astrological sign is Cancer.
  • There is a scene cut from the broadcast versions where Peter and the members of the NAAFP are at the funeral of one of their members who was killed by Patrick, and they sing the "NAAFP Anthem" in his memory.
  • At home, Lois is watching an episode of The Price is Right, where one contestant says, “Fuck you!” to another contestant after she bid $1 more than him in contestants row, a rather common tactic. The “Fuck you!” is bleeped out on both the FOX and Adult Swim versions, and on the censored audio track of the Family Guy DVD set. The uncensored track, however, has the word intact.
  • During the scene where Peter goes to slay Cybill Shepherd. Seth MacFarlane says that Cybil might be hard to work with in the DVD commentary.
  • During the scene where Brian picks up a rock and he hits Peter and says "That's for rolling up the damn window when I tried to jump into the General Lee." This is a call back from "To Love and Die in Dixie". According to the DVD commentary, Brian was supposed to throw the rock at Peter in retaliation for peeing on him. The original draft of the episode’s script had the entire family flying in an airplane to visit Patrick and Peter goes to the bathroom in his seat and his urine spills on Brian, who is in a carry-on case.

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