• The opening scene shows the Griffin family watching Aquaman on television portrayed as a lazy, unfair ruler who abuses his powers to command sea-life by giving them trivial errands.
  • In the opening sequence, Peter summons Bill Lumbergh from the film Office Space to tell Lois she needs to “not complain about this” and then, “and if you could sit at the kids’ table, that’d be great.”
  • Stewie tells the audience to go watch Desperate Housewives on ABC for five seconds to see how ugly the women are. He then makes a comment about actress Marcia Cross’s face looking like someone stretching silly-putty over their knee. The first half-hour of Desperate Housewives’s timeslot competes with Family Guy on FOX and, in most of Canada. Coincidentally, Marcia Cross is on screen for that entire five second flip.
  • Brian torments Stewie by forcing him to watch The View. In this version, the women act very much like farm hens, clucking and such as they sit. Star Jones Reynolds even lays an egg. Coincidentally, there was a MADtv sketch in season 10 where it portrayed the female hosts of The View as clucking, cackling hens with castmember Michael McDonald as a farmer who kills one of them when she doesn’t produce eggs for him. [1]
  • Peter watches Jaws 5: Fire Island, where everybody seems to be a stereotypical homosexual. Mike Henry, using his voice for the performance artist, does the voice of the great white shark.
  • A man tells his wife to imagine “a happy healthy baby boy at play. Now put him in a magic bubble and release him into the universe.” When Stewie, in a bubble, rolls by, the man tells his wife to imagine Lindsay Lohan naked and doing a backwards crab walk. Later on, Lohan appears at Peter’s door doing just that.
  • Kirk Cameron, who did not provide his voice in this episode, appears at the First United Church of the Fonz to convert some of the members of Peter’s church to Christianity. In reality, the former Growing Pains star is an evangelical Christian himself.
  • This is Francis Griffin's second appearance. He previously appeared in "The Perfect Castaway" and was first introduced in "Holy Crap".
  • This is the second appearance of Fonzie in the series. The first time was in the episode The Son Also Draws, when Peter went on a vision quest and used Fonzie as a guidance.
  • Peter is seen, having taken steroids, hitting Meg.
  • After everyone leaves Peter’s religion, Peter, Brian, and Francis talk about their disgust with Madonna’s career, attitude, clothing choice, father issues, and the men she has dated.
  • In a flashback, Peter buys an Aaron Neville megaphone.
  • Francis says that he thought that Peter “could ever embarrass him more, in a church” than when he did at his cousin Mary’s wedding, but Francis isn’t shown in church during the flashback.
  • The censored version of this episode cuts Stewie’s line, “Nothing says ‘Eat up’ like a bleeding, half-naked Jew nailed to a piece of wood” as Peter’s dad is hanging a crucifix above the kitchen door, due to religious sensitivities.
  • Peter dances with Paula Abdul in footage of the video for Opposites Attract. He is superimposed over the animated role of MC Skat Kat, and sings an altered version of the original song’s lyrics, mainly replacing the line “Opposites attract” with “I’m dressed like a cat.” According to the DVD commentary, Paula Abdul had to come in and rerecord the song since the technical staff couldn’t separate her singing and replace MC Skat Kat’s lines with Peter’s.
  • On the DVD commentary, one of the cast members, while discussing the Vaudeville Duo, said, “God rest their souls,” accidentally hinting of their death in “Saving Private Brian,” which aired just nine days before the DVDs were released.
  • According to the DVD commentary, the Fonz statue hanging at the Church of the Fonz was supposed to be on a cross similar to how Jesus is shown on a crucifix, but FOX Standards and Practices rejected it.

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