• Dylan is the third Family Guy character other than Chris and Peter to see the Evil Monkey.
  • This marks the second time Brian describes the plot to his ever-unfinished novel.
  • When Stewie points out that Brian couldn't have a thirteen year old son when he himself is only seven years out, Brian tells him that it was in dog years. When Stewie tells Brian that that doesn't make any sense, Brian tells him to complain about it on the Internet. This is a nod to online fans who meticulously document continuity errors within the show.
  • Dylan forces Meg to watch Monty Python material that is neither funny nor memorable. Objecting to this, Meg says she's a girl and doesn't even like the good Monty Python sketches.
  • There are five references to Stewie's sexuality mostly aimed towards Dylan:
    • When trying to convince Brian to let him be Brian's magic assistant, Stewie says that they'll do all the great tricks, and that "[Brian] can even split me in half." When Brian questions it, Stewie quickly says "Saw me in half."
    • When helping Brian with his magic act, Stewie is dressed as a female again. He states, "I can't believe I agreed to four costume changes. Oh, who am I kidding? I insisted on it!"
    • When Lois asks Stewie how he would feel if Dylan stays in his room, Stewie sarcastically states "No, my pants just got shorter because I hated the idea."
    • When Brian is monitoring Dylan with Stewie's baby monitor, an apparently naked Stewie asks Dylan to join his "Naked Tea Party" and that he's "Got [his] teacup here. Now all [he] need[s] is a teabag". He then asks Dylan if "that['s] something that interests you, my friend?" When Dylan calls Stewie "weird," Stewie retorts with "Yeah, and you're attractive. NOW TAKE YOUR FUCKING PANTS OFF!"
    • When Brian and Dylan are high in Stewie's/Dylan's room, Stewie walks by, naked, and states, "Just passin' on through. See anything you like, speak up," referencing his series long attraction to Brian and his episode long attraction to Dylan.
  • Camila Alves is indirectly mentioned by Matthew McConaughey, as his girlfriend in the cutaway that features him.
  • When Brian asked how to get out the driveway he says "So to get out of the driveway I just make a left and go as fast as I can?" But before the scene Brian parks on the side of the road not the driveway.
  • In "Road to Rhode Island", Brian stated during a conversation with the owner of a crop dusting airplane that first Stewie would be too young to plant a seed in his daughter and that he himself was of a different species. Nevertheless according to this episode he obviously can impregnate a human female.
  • Al Harrington of Al Harrington's Wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men, makes a return to sell Crudely painted, not-so-funny, plywood cutout folk art.
  • This episode uses a dialog similar to the American Dad! episode "Stannie Get Your Gun" where Steve walked in and throws the bookcase, with Stan replying "something on your mind son?" this was the same as in this episode where Dylan threw a vase into the wall and Peter remarking with the exact line "something on your mind son?"
  • At one point, Peter states that Tracy looks like, "A really hot Tim Russert."
  • In the commentary for "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows", Seth MacFarlane says the writers had a very long and "weird" discussion about whether the children of Brian and Pearl Burton should all be toddlers or puppies in a virtual reality simulation of their life married. That episode had a mix of both with some toddlers, some puppies. In this episode, Dylan appears entirely human.

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