• Michael J. Fox, dressed as Marty McFly, comes to warn Stewie about his future while he is on the roof trying to adjust the satellite dish, similar to how Marty was trying to warn Doc Brown of his future in the first Back to the Future film.
  • After O.J. and Chris use Stewie as a football, Stewie says the line "Good Grief", a reference to Charlie Brown's catchphrase.
  • Adam West is seen talking to someone off the screen and leads the viewer to think he is talking to O.J. when he says: "We don't want you in our town Simpson. We don't love you like we did back in 1993." The screen cuts to Homer Simpson. Then finishes with "And we don't want you here either O.J.!" This is a reference to the attention to O.J. Simpson because the alleged crime exposure that happened in 1994. It also references 1993 as The Simpsons heyday and what is considered the peak of the show.
  • When O.J. attempts to put on an oven mitt, it does not fit on his hand. This is a reference to the blood covered gloves found at the crime scene of the 1994 murder not fitting O.J. Simpson’s hands at his trial.[1]

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