• In the scene where Peter farts in front of the crowd after the play, he is frowning, but when it's zoomed out to show Peter from afar, he is smiling and his glasses are thicker. When it zooms back in, he is frowning again. When Lois sits back and tells Meg that was what she was talking about, her earring changes from blue to red in mid-scene and her dress changes from green to blue as well.
  • During the scene where Albert Einstein is seen stealing the theory of relativity, his eyes extend forward slightly, popping out away from his head.
  • After Lois accepts the job as playwright, she leaves the phone on the top of the sofa as Brian congratulates her. During a close up on Brian, the phone disappears.
  • After Lint, Meg's glasses are not completely drawn in.
  • Immediately before "A.N.N.A. Rules", a blonde "Siamese children" isn't visible, but suddenly pops into frame on Peter's shoulder.

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