• Peter's toy Mr. Zucchini Head is a parody of Mr. Potato Head. Peter puts a small cap atop the head of Mr. Zucchini resembling a condom, a pair of rounded shoes resembling testicles, and flips a switch in its back causing it to vibrate, rendering it little more than a vibrator.
  • Stewie auditions with the "winter of our discontent" soliloquy from William Shakespeare's Richard III, which he will repeat again in the beginning of "And the Wiener is...".
  • A cutaway shows a writing team of monkeys writing Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, a reference to the infinite monkey theorem.
  • The Brine theater marquee says “A Peter Griffin Joint,” a nod to director Spike Lee, whose films are credited as “A Spike Lee Joint.”
  • The showstopping musical number from the show, “A.N.N.A. Rules,” is loosely set to the tune of “Shall We Dance?” from the original The King and I.
  • Sean Penn’s destruction of the camera is a reference to his assault of a paparazzi.
  • "Yeah, this is a real SNAFU!" SNAFU: Situation Normal All Fouled Up. Slang abbreviation of military origin. "Fouled" is a euphemism for the actual "Fucked."
  • The lyrics mention "As surely as Paul Lynde was gay", referring to the long-time character actor and center square on Hollywood Squares had a strikingly "flaming" persona, but he remained in the closet due to the prejudices of the time.

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