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  • The Splendid Source is based on the 1956 story of the same name that was part of the Shock 1 anthology by Richard Matheson.
  • Bender from Futurama is one of many who have heard the dirty joke.
  • This episode is a crossover with its spin-off, The Cleveland Show as Peter, Joe and Quagmire bump into Cleveland and meet his new family. Roberta, however, does not appear.
  • Brian and Stewie appear briefly but have no lines for the first time. However, Brian says one line in the extended ending found on the DVD.
  • This is Cleveland Brown, Jr.'s first appearance since hitting puberty, and his first appearance since "The Perfect Castaway".
  • Quagmire pays Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street films to tell Peter the joke in his dreams so he can poop in his bed.
  • The First Dead Baby Joke Ever Written is shown to have been made in Ancient Egypt times.

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