Sal Russo
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The Splendid Source Joke History, or the Source of the Dirty Joke, is experienced in "The Splendid Source", which is when Peter, Joe, and Quagmire find the source of the joke, and along the way they record who got it from who.

The journey starts at Chris Griffin, and then Joe and Peter, who get it from Glenn Quagmire. Glenn states he got it from Bruce. Bruce claims he gets it from Consuela, a Hispanic from Mexico. She states she got the joke from Mayor Adam West. Mayor West says that he got the joke from Dr. Elmer Hartman. Dr. Hartman claims he got the joke from Angela, who gets it from her worker Opie. Opie gets the joke from Herbert. Herbert gets it from Tom Tucker. Tucker gets it from Bender of Futurama, who gets the joke from Al Harrington, who gets the joke from REO Speedwagon, who gave information on the joke's path leading up to them. They got the joke from a Virginia bartender named Gus. Gus gets it from the one and only Cleveland Brown. Cleveland joins the adventure for the source of the joke. He says he got the joke from a bellhop name Sal Russo, but Sal refuses to say the answer, and after a long chase, Peter and his friends give up. But then two guys in suits start beating them, and take them to a secret place where the greatest minds make the best dirty jokes. Sadly, the author is still unknown.