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  • The TV Guide Peter sees, featuring Luke Perry on the cover, reads “If you can read this, Family Guy is on the air.”
  • Sherry and the Anus ending credits list real life Family Guy writers and directors as producers of the show-within-a-show.
  • When Neil, the newspaper editor, takes out his retainer and speaks, it is revealed he speaks with a manlier tone, and when this happens Seth MacFarlane voices Neil instead of Seth Green.
  • A cutaway shows Ricky Martin dressing up as a woman after a concert and performing under the name Jewel.
  • A cutaway to Meg’s probable future without a college education show her modeling in a bikini at a “bum fight,” an event in which homeless people fight one another in exchange for food, alcohol or some other incentive. These events were captured in the 2002 documentary Bumfights.
  • Peter thinks that Luke Perry, and not Tom Cruise, starred in Rain Man.
  • The snack that Stewie is eating after the scene with Adam West in the toilet are Fig Newtons
  • The scene in which Thomas Jefferson’s family is shown as mostly black children is a nod to evidence that he fathered children with his slave Sally Hemings.
  • Peter tells Luke that Dark Side of the Moon synchs up with The Wizard of Oz. Perry mentions that he heard the same from Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Shannon Doherty but thought that she was “just being a bitch,” a popular tabloid portrayal of the actress.
  • There is a scene where Peter in a flashback is a Ghostbuster and interrupts the potter wheel scene in the film Ghost and sucks up Patrick Swayze.

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