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  • The name of the episode combines The Thin Blue Line, a colloquial term for the police, and “white lines,” a slang term for cocaine.
  • The way in which Mr. Weed hunts his employees is reminiscent of the famous 1924 short story The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell.
  • Mr. Weed says he has enough tranquilizer darts “to take-out Robert Downey, Jr.,” a reference to the actor’s drug problems. A rare self-chastising meta reference has Weed’s audience reacting with umbrage to the remark.
  • After Brian makes Quagmire realize he has made love to a man, he screams and runs away, similar to the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective scene in which Ace realizes Lt Einhorn is actually Ray Finkel, whom Ace had kissed.
  • The next scene in which Brian and Joe catch a perp with cocaine is a reference to the 1977 TV series CHiPs. The CHiPs opening theme is also heard.
  • At the school assembly Brian is called “McGriffin, the Drug Dog,” a reference to the anti-crime mascot McGruff the Crime Dog.
  • After seeing some cocaine on his nose, Brian exclaims “Got Milk?”, a reference to the ad campaign. “Got Milk?” is also referenced near the beginning of the episode “Holy Crap”.
  • While time traveling, Chris finds himself in “the Bible days” and encounters an angry lion, a reference to the early persecution of Christians.
  • Rocky The Flying Squirrel shows up and says, “And now, here’s something we hope you’ll really like,” a frequent segué in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.
  • Brian refers to Lois as a “Stepford wife,” a phrase used to describe a “perfect” suburban housewife after the satirical novel The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin and its film versions.
  • Peter trying to make up his name in the rehab clinic by referencing random objects he sees references the plot of The Usual Suspects.
  • A flashback shows Peter as a security guard for former Beatle George Harrison, watching Charles in Charge while an intruder invades the home. Harrison was attacked in his home on December 30, 1999.

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