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The Things We Did Last Summer
Things we did last summer

From the episode: Love, Blactually
Singers: Seth MacFarlane
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"The Things We Did Last Summer" is a popular song from 1946. The words were written by Sammy Cahn, with the composition by Jule Styne. Several recordings have been made, the most well known of which include versions by Frank Sinatra, Jo Stafford and Vaughn Monroe. Dean Martin recorded different versions in his 1959 and 1966 Christmas LPs.

The song was featured in the Family Guy episode "Love, Blactually" and sung by Seth MacFarlane in a non-character performance during a montage of Brian Griffin spending time with his new girlfriend Carolyn.


The boat rides we would take, the moonlight on the lake

The way we danced and hummed our favorite song

The things we did last summer Ill remember all winter long

The midway and the fun, the kewpie dolls we won

The bell I rang to prove that I was strong

The things we did last summer Ill remember all winter long

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