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Mary, variously called Saint Mary, Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mary, Mother of God, and, in Islam, as Maryam, mother of Isa', was an Israelite Jewish woman of Nazareth in Galilee who lived in the late 1st century BC and early 1st century AD, and is considered by Christians to be the first proselyte to Christianity. She is identified in the New Testament[Mt 1:16,18-25][Lk 1:26-56][2:1-7] and in the Qur'an as the mother of Jesus through divine intervention and wife of Joseph.

In "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas", Bonnie Swanson portrays the Virgin Mary in the town Christmas play.

In the DVD cut of "Road to the North Pole", A cutaway shows a doctor being appalled at the conditions in which the couple are about to give birth in.

Lois takes on the role of The Virgin Mary in "Jesus, Mary & Joseph".

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